Request Pink Color for DK93 Table Press

Press is NOT included -- add this listing to your cart to request to change the green press to pink.   You must still add a green press to your order.  

Dislosures: Presses and dies are heavy, industrial equipment and may have scratches, flaked paint, rust, oil or other cosmetic imperfections that will not hinder their function. 

Cosmetic flaws tend to be worse / more noticeable on the  pink presses than on the green. See last 3 thumbnail photos for examples.    Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted unless a defect affects function.


Customer Reviews

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Anne G
Pres and die combo Rocks!

Got the tabletop press and a set of dies, grommets and rivets. The whole package to start working with my press rught away. Love it. Now i look for patterns that use rivets and grommets. The videos helped me learn and i was off to the races.


I’ve got press and a bunch of rivets, easy to use and apply rivets. Couldn’t wait to get so I could use on my bags. Soon I will add snaps and magnets.

Leslie E.
Rivets are so easy

I purchased the green press with the rivet dies and it makes that part of making a bag so much easier. The handle is easy to press down on to create the holes, then change out the die and put in the rivet die and put yours rivet into the holes made in the bag and press with hardly any pressure and it sets it beautifully! So glad I finally made the leap to purchasing the big press. It is so worth it to me! Thank you for carrying such a find product!

Kirsten White
Amazing Tool!

This tool is a game changer! So many options for adding versatility & uniqueness to my products. Highly recommended!

Melanie Wirick
I love this press

The table press is the best tool I’ve added to my crafting arsenal. It does a beautiful job adding rivets, snaps, key fobs, grommets, etc. I love it.

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