Multi-Color Flowers (350 Sets)

  • Size: 20 (12.5mm - 1/2")
  • Stem Length: Regular (5.6mm)
  • CPSIA Compliant: Phthalate, Lead
  • Set: 1 flower cap + 1 round cap + socket + stud

Includes (10 sets each): B7 yellow, B8 bright blue, B16 royal blue, B17 coral, B19 pastel green, B20 pastel blue, B27 steel blue, B28 dark lavender, B31 hunter green, B32 denim blue, B34 plum purple, B35 purple, B41 violet, B44 apple green, B46 teal, B48 blue bell, B51 green, B56 light violet, B57 medium pink, B59 pool blue, BG102 grasshopper, BG106 ribbit, C200 butter, C202 lavender, C203 raspberry, C204 sage, C205 seaspray, C206 apricot, C210 burgundy, C211 aqua, D300 light pink, D310 tardis blue, D325 lilac, D328 neon orange, D330 marina

    Tip: add the color sampler charts for easy color matching

        TOOLS REQUIRED:  Guide to Tool Selection

        • Heart, star, butterfly & flower snaps use the same tools & dies as round size 20 plastic snaps.

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