Oklaroots Rivet, Snap, Key Fob Press Bundle (Blemished Pink)


Limited Time Offer: Use coupon OKLAROOTS15 for 15% off this complete bundle.

All the must-have items demonstrated by Jess in her Oklaroots "Let's Talk About Rivet Presses" video.  


  • pink DK93 table press ( minor cosmetic blemishes -- see thumbnail photos for examples)
  • DK93-KX adapter base
  • 2.5mm hole cutting dies
  • 50 sets 9mm & 50 sets 10mm silver double cap rivets with 10mm dies
  • 50 sets size 14 (3/8") silver fashion metal snaps with dies
  • 50 sets size 20 (1/2") regular & 50 sets extra long white plastic snaps with dies
  • 15 sets 18mm silver magnetic snap rivets with dies
  • 10 sets 1.25" silver key fob hardware with dies


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