Heavy Duty UTILITY Line Metal Snaps (50 Sets)

Size Guide
Choosing the Right Metal Snaps

Which metal snaps you use depend mostly on your personal preference and on which size best complements your project. For that reason, we are unable to provide specific size recommendations beyond the information below.

------>>>>>> Download a printable pdf file showing each snap in its true-to-life size.

KAMsnaps Open-Ring Metal Snaps for Children Baby Toddler Clothes Onesies

Open-ring grip snaps are commonly used on baby/children's clothing and other basic crafting projects with thinner types of material (which should be reinforced with twill or grosgrain ribbon to avoid possible tearing). Because the "teeth" are short and each one needs to be able to self-pierce through the fabric, these are not suited for tough, thick or dense material. Size 14 (9mm - 3/8") has shorter teeth than size 16 (10mm - 7/16").

    KAM Fashion Spring Decorative Metal Snaps for Bracelets Wallets

      Fashion spring snaps for a more visually appealing decorative touch. Size 14 (9mm - 3/8") for light-weight applications, size 20 (12mm - 1/2") for general use, and size 24 (15mm - 5/8") for thicker material. Similar to utility spring snaps below -- visual appeal is the main difference.



      KAMsnaps Utility Spring Heavy Duty Snaps for Leather

        Utility spring snaps (also called line snaps) on projects that call for a more heavy-duty snap.  This style is less bulky than the fashion spring style.  Size 20 (12mm - 1/2") is more suited for general use while size 24 (15mm - 5/8") is recommended for heavy-duty applications.

          Utility snaps have a stronger grip compared to fashion snaps.  For that reason, they are recommended for very sturdy materials like leather & webbing that can withstand a strong pull.

          Available in:

          • Size 20 (12.5mm - 1/2")
          • Size 24.1 Wide Stem - Short or Long** (15mm - 5/8") - requires different dies from the original size 24. If you previously ordered the original size 24 dies, click here  for assistance.
          • Size 24 Original is available in 1000 sets by special order only.
          • **Long snaps have a longer stem best suited for thicker materials like heavy leather. For thinner materials, size 20 is recommended.  Size 24 fashion snaps also have shorter stems.
          • Colors: Silver, Gunmetal, Antique Brass
          • Material: Brass
          • CPSIA Compliant: Lead

            TOOLS REQUIRED:


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            Stu H.

            Pressed with no problems at all. Perfect snaps.


            Exactly what I needed & fast shipping!

            edith Lunceford
            Great snaps and customer service

            I love these snaps and how fast they ship! I also am pleased with customer service as my first order was never delivered as it was lost by usps but they are refunding me for it. Thank you

            Kabri Maag
            Perfect for our product

            We were hesitant trying these out because we need a longer post with the fabric we’re using. Before purchasing I emailed Judy to ask questions and she asked some great questions in return to get a feel for what we really needed. Once we received the snaps I went straight to putting them on - perfect match. Thanks for the great customer service and quick shipping!

            Great quality

            Snaps are great quality and easy to install. Love them on my kindle holders

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