Add Straps to Your Shoes or Sandals with Snap Fasteners

May 31, 2018

With summer in full swing, that means flip-flop weather! Not having to wear socks and feeling the sun on your toes is lovely, but I am not a big fan of strappy sandals that ill fit the space between my thumb and pointy toe. Bad terminology, but you get the idea. These fall off so easily when walking, and my thumb toe has to constantly try to grip the strap tight, which just takes all of the fun out of wearing flip flops.

The industrious Ashley from came up with this creative idea of adding interchangeable back straps to flip flops that is not only practical, but extremely eye-catching and fun! Ashley used metal snaps, but plastic snaps would work equally well, and come in a wide array of fun colors to perfectly match your project.

Add Interchangeable Flip-Flop Back Straps with KAM Snap Fasteners DIY Snaps

How To Add Interchangeable Sandal Slippers Back Straps with KAM Snap Fasteners DIY Snaps


Linda M. also cleverly added straps to these dress shoes to help them stay on with some elastic and plastic snaps!

Add Straps to Shoes Easily with KAM Snaps and Elastic


And when the velcro broke on these tennis shoes, Nicole S. replaced the velcro straps entirely with snap fasteners instead!

Replace broken velcro on shoes with KAM snap fasteners no sew plastic snaps DIY

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