Widen The Neck Opening on A Shirt with KAM Snaps

May 31, 2018

Kids have big heads! Literally, their head growth seems to outpace the growth of their other body parts, making them little walking bobble heads. This makes for a challenge when say a size 2T shirt perfectly fits your child, if only you can get the shirt over his big head! If you've ever had a child cry because their head got stuck in a shirt (this is actually a very funny sight but please try to control your laughter), then you know what I'm talking about. 

Thankfully, Abby R. came up with a  wonderful tutorial that shows how to widen the neck opening to any tee shirt or sweater with the help of KAM snap fasteners. =)

Widen Add A Neck Opening To Any Shirt Sweater with KAM snap fasteners


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