What Size KAM Snaps are Best for Baby and Toddler Clothes?

May 24, 2018

What size KAM plastic snap fasteners should be used for baby and toddler clothing?

Bear in mind that you should always reinforce knits and other thin, stretch material that is prone to tearing. Twill is a good reinforcing material (that's according to many members in our Facebook group).

Once you add the reinforcement material, which provides sturdiness and adds thickness, size 20 (1/2" wide)  regular length is usually a good size. (It's also our most popular size because it works in most --but not all-- applications.)

Some people use size 16 (7/16" wide) for thinner material because it has a gentler grip.  But depending on the thickness of your reinforcing material, size 16 may end up being too short, which will result in the snap falling off.

Either way, make sure you have the appropriate tool with the corresponding dies needed to install your snaps.

Snaps on this romper are size 20 regular
(Photo courtesy of Steph G.)


Snaps on this romper are size 16 regular
(Photo courtesy of Steph G.)
Note by Steph: " I feel like I need to order some [longer] snaps in every color because it always seems like there are some thicker places on baby clothes where it would be nice to have them."

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