Can I Use Dies from my KAM Press in another KAM Tool?

March 21, 2019

Let's say you already own a KAM press.  Now you want to buy a different KAM tool.  Can you use the same dies from your original press in your new one?

Regardless of which KAM tool you have, the answer is NO, with 1 exception:

Our KX dies are the only dies that can fit multiple KAM presses.  They fit:

  1. KX8J professional handheld press
  2. KXT2 freestanding professional handheld press
  3. DK93 professional table top press with DK93-KX adapter base.  The KX bottom die will *not* fit the DK93 press without the adapter base.
  4. DK98 table top press with  DK98-KX adapter set. The KX dies will *not* fit the DK98 press without the adapter set. (The DK98 is an older model no longer sold at

All of our dies are offered in the KX series so there is a lot of flexibility to accommodate different tools.

KAMsnaps KX Die Dimensions



  • K1 dies will only fit K1 basic pliers.
  • K2 dies will only fit K2 basic pliers.
  • DK93 dies will only fit DK93 table presses.
  • DK98 dies will only fit DK98 table presses.
  • KX dies can fit multiple tools, as described above.
  • Not sure which tool you have? Look it up here.

KAMsnaps Press Die Attachments

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