DK98-KX Adapter Set (2pc)

The DK98-KX adapter set allows you to use any dies from this site labeled " KX" or from the KX-series presses in your DK98 model table press. Only 1 adapter set in needed per press.  See how it works.

NOTE: You do *not* need an adapter if using dies labeled for "DK98."  Only for dies labeled "KX."

Fits our KX-series dies, which have bottom shank: approx 3/8" diameter & top shank:   approx 5/16" diameter

This adapter set is intended for use with KAM DK98 presses & our KX-series dies.  Refer to thumbnail photos.  Not compatible with DK93 press or other tools/dies sold off this site.

IMPORTANT: Adapters are *not* dies. They are die holders. KX dies corresponding to your fasteners need to be purchased separately.

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