KAMsnaps® Press Dies

Select Your Dies

Dies are attached to the press to perform each specific function. A press won't function without dies. For example:
  • Plastic snaps need plastic snap dies.
  • Rivets need rivet dies.
  • Hole punching dies are needed to punch holes.
These dies work with any KAMsnaps® multi-functional press. They will not work with basic K1, K2, or K3 pliers.

* KAMsnaps® presses, dies, and fasteners are made to work together and may not be compatible with other brands.

Confused? Click here for guidance.

40-Seconds to Become an Expert

This 40-second video explains exactly where to look for direct links to the dies you need.  No guessing!



KAMsnaps® presses are multi-functional because they can accommodate different dies to perform different functions. Our most popular die attachments include those for setting plastic and metal snaps, removing plastic snaps, setting rivets, grommets, key fob hardware, and cover buttons, and punching holes.

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