KAMsnaps® Adapters for Heavy Duty Table Presses

Does Your Press Need an Adapter?
An adapter is needed to change the size of the holes in the press so that they can fit our KX-style dies (ie. dies that have "KX" in the name).
  • KX8J pro-handhelds & KX-T2 mini table presses do *not* need any adapters.
  • DK93 KAM table presses need the DK93-KX adapter .
  • DK98 (old model) KAM table presses need the DK98-KX adapter.
  • Table presses with 3/8" smooth shank holes, such as Tandy Leather, Very Baby, and One Stop Diaper Shop need the TLF-KX adapter.
  • Table presses with an M6 top screw-in die and 1/2" smooth shank bottom hole, such as Gold Star Tools, need the GST-KX adapter.
* You don't need more than 1 adapter per press.  See how the adapters work.

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