GST-KX Adapter Set (M6 Screw Top & 1/2" Bottom Shank)

This adapter is needed for "KX" dies to fit table presses table presses with an M6 screw-in top shank hole and a 1/2" bottom shank hole.  See how it works.

Photo of compatible press is provided in the thumbnail (color may vary).  Press NOT included.   This adapter is known to be compatible with Gold Star Tool presses. 


  • Vertical spacing between the dies is greatly reduced once the dies and adapters are in the press -- see 2nd-to-last thumbnail photo.  As a result, your press may not be able to accommodate thicker fabrics or longer fasteners.
    • A burr inside the bottom hole of the press prevents the bottom adapter from completely lowering -- see last thumbnail photo.  File down the burr to maximize the vertical space between the top & bottom dies.
  • Some units of this press aren't aligned properly.  Our adapters will NOT fix that problem.

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