GST-KX Adapter Set (M6 Screw Top & 1/2" Bottom Shank)

This adapter is needed for our dies to fit the Gold Star table press or any press with an M6 screw-in top shank hole and a 1/2" bottom shank hole.

SPECIAL OFFER: If after purchasing this adapter, you still aren't happy with your GST press, you may apply the amount you paid for this adapter towards the purchase of one of our multi-functional presses.

  • Vertical spacing between the dies is greatly reduced once the dies and adapters are in the press -- see 2nd-to-last thumbnail photo.  As a result, your press may not be able to accommodate thicker fabrics or longer fasteners.
    • A burr inside the bottom hole of the press prevents the bottom adapter from completely lowering -- see last thumbnail photo.  File down the burr to maximize the vertical space between the top & bottom dies.
  • Some units of this press aren't aligned properly.  Our adapters will NOT fix that problem.

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