Custom Engraved KAM Snaps

August 31, 2020

We are not accepting new engraving requests at this time for the following reasons:

  • Image size needs to be drastically reduced in order to fit a snap, which is tiny.  Details may be lost or distorted.  As a result, it usually isn't possible to reproduce an image on such a small scale with 100% accuracy.  
  • The factory does not provide samples.
  • The factory does not provide refunds or exchanges if you are unhappy with the outcome.


We at KAMsnaps have always been happy with the engraving work done for us by the factory.  But we have realistic expectations of the process, which not everybody shares.

Rather than risk the disappointment of our customers, given the factory's limitations, we have made the difficult decision to stop accept new engraving requests.

We will continue to provide engraving work of images previously engraved.




The factory minimum for custom engraved plastic snaps is 10,000 per color/engraving with a lead time of approx 8-10 weeks.  The price ranges from $550 - $750 depending on the type of engraving and whether you want engraved caps only or full sets.


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