Discontinued KAM Snaps Colors

February 04, 2018

KAM Snaps Color Matching Charts

There are some colors of plastic KAM snaps that we've discontinued over time. One of the reasons is that many of them were virtually identical to other colors we stock.   Our color sampler charts allow you to easily see which colors closely match other colors. 

But if you don't have the charts, here's a list of the closest colors:

  • C201 Celery almost identical to BG102 Grasshopper
  • C206 Apricot closest match D300 Light Pink (but D300 is darker and more reddish)
  • C207 Play Pink close to B21 Pale Pink
  • D304 Chocolate close match to D303 Milk Chocolate
  • D318 Tiffany almost identical to BG112 Mirror
  • D319 Mimosa almost identical to D331 Squash Orange


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