Make A Wearable Wrist Wallet Card Holder with KAM Snaps (Tutorial)

January 14, 2019

Oftentimes I don't want to wear my sling bag or bring a purse when I'm just going for a walk around the neighborhood, or running a quick errand. That's why I love small, wearable wallets ideas like this one. It has a simple KAM snap closure and perfectly fits all the essentials: cash, credit card, ID, and key.

KAM snaps wrist wallet card holder tutorial craft project

Print out the free KAM snap wrist wallet template.

- lining: 3 pieces of fabric of 25cm x 10cm and 1 piece of 10cm x 10cm
- outer fabric: 1 piece of fabric of 25cm x 10cm and 1 piece of 10cm x 10cm
- non-woven H630: 1 x 23cm x 8cm and 1 x 10cm x 10cm
KAM snaps
KAM snap installation pliers

You measure your forearm and take 8cm. Here 17cm + 8 = 25cm (seam value is added). Height is 10cm but you can make it as high or low as you want.

The full tutorial can be found at Just Made by Mie. Although the tutorial is originally in Dutch, you can use the translate feature on your browser to translate it into English.

(All photos, template, and instructions are courtesy of  Just Made by Mie. )


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