Extend the Handle on Your KAM Press to Make Pressing Easier

January 12, 2019

(A big thank you to one very creative customer for sharing this quick and simple way of reducing the manual force necessary to push down on the press.)

For people who have difficulty exerting the pressure needed to operate your KAM snap press, you can attach a wooden extension to the lever.  The longer the lever, the less manual force required to exert the same amount of pressure. This makes it easier on your arms, shoulders, and back.

Extend the Handle on your KAM Snap Press for Easier Pressing


The bolt closest to the press body is actually right underthe handle. The bolt out at the end of the lever is through the existing hole in the handle. 

KAMsnaps Table Press Handle Extension


You can also attach a wooden bench that extends towards the back of the lever to keep the front of the press from popping up when you press the lever down.  You wouldn’t need this if your press is bolted to a table or workbench.

Extend KAMsnaps Press Handle


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