Easy No-Sew Snap Fasteners vs. Complicated Sew-On Buttons

March 24, 2018

If you dread trying to make a button hole for your buttons, have no fear. KAM snap fasteners are here! Snaps are much simpler to install, require very little in the way of tools, and best yet, require absolutely no sewing! 

Traditional buttons, on the other hand, can be a headache to install. Even the most basic instructions on how to create a button hole will make your eyes crossed, as it involves many steps, precise measurements, and special stitching. 

So whenever you have a project that traditionally uses buttons, replace them with snap fasteners instead.

Kim S. from  dirtydiaperlaundry.com bypassed the entire complicated and time consuming button making process, and instead used KAM snap fasteners to make a perfect pillow sham closure in 3 minutes. Yes, it really is that quick and easy to install snaps. =)

How to Make a No-Sew Sham Pillow Closure with Snap Fasteners


Hanna M. used our special flower shaped snaps in lieu of traditional buttons to add a lovely pop of color to this sweater.

KAM snap fasteners no-sew button replacements use instead of traditional buttons


Sherry W. made this beautiful dress with our limited edition engraved button snaps. The purple snaps perfectly complement the dress, and look like real buttons, but are so much easier to install. 

Easy to Install No-Sew Engraved Button Snap Fasteners Dress

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