March 23, 2020

With the severe shortage of face masks right now, some hospitals and other health care facilities are asking the public to make face masks for them.  This is far from ideal but better than nothing.

These fabric masks are intended to be used over N95 masks so that the N95 masks can be worn longer. 

Note that fabric masks themselves don't protect against COVID19. However, if you're not a health care giver, they can help to minimize touching of the nose and mouth, which we often do without realizing -- up to 20 times per hour!  Fabric masks can also provide a small layer of protection to the wearer and those around him/her, which is better than none.  Remember to practice safe distancing and stay at least 6 ft apart.

There are many different ways of making the masks. Zelda P has created and shared the following downloadable PDF files for a simple version.  (Thank you, Zelda!)

How to Make a Simple Tie-On Face Mask

How to Make a Pleater


Simple Face Mask for N95 Cover

DIY Pleater for Face Mask


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