October 11, 2017

Easy Peasy Wallet

  Tutorial below provided by Cheyanne




Step 1: Give 3 year old daughter some crayons and paper and turn on Hannah Montana so she stays out of your way for 20 minutes =) (if you don't have kiddos in the house, you may skip this step)

Now you need a pattern.  I use tissue paper (and gold paper cause I'm awesome), but any paper will do. Hell, sometimes I just wing it and don't use a pattern at all.

I've found that 8" x 5" is a good size for the wallet, so make it a little bigger for seam allowances.


Cut out two pieces, I used this cute lemon fabric but a neato thing to do is use a different fabric for the lining.


Also cut out some interfacing slightly smaller than the fabric cause you don't wanna sew over it, just makes things harder.

Iron on the interfacing to one of your fabrics (doesn't matter which one, I haven't found that it makes any difference).


Now, put the two pieces together, right sides facing each other, and sew around the whole rectangle. The trick is to start sewing in the MIDDLE of one of the short ends, like so:


Then bring it back around and stop where the lines are.  Trust me, this is a really good trick.

Now cut off the corners, it's not vital, but is an old trick of my mom's and I just do it anyhow.

Now turn the thing right side out.. it LOOKS scary here, but not for long.


Use a pen/chopstick/whatever is handy to poke out the corners so its nice and sharp.

Now remember that hole we left?


It tucks in nice and neatly, and you now iron over the whole thing which creases the hole and makes it look perfect!! (What a cool trick..only took me like.. a year to figure it out!)

Now sew across that seam with the hole.

Now's a good time to attach your label if you have one.


Fold it like so.  You want to fold it in about 3 inches. This will be where you stash all your moolah, so if you're broke like me then it doesnt't need to be that big.

Start sewing at the bottom of one of the folded ends.. like so.

When you get to the crease, I like to put the pressor foot in reverse and sew over that part a few times to make it stronger.


You'll be sewing in a U shape.. only picking up and turning your wallet at the corners, but never actually stopping sewing. Continue to sew all the way around the 3 sides.

Now you can attach your snap.  You're done!!!  Now you better drop everything you're doing cause once you make one of these babies, you'll wanna make a million!


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