October 11, 2017

Cell Phone Cozy

Tutorial below provided by Lara

Many of my totes don't have a pocket for a cell phone, so I came up with this idea for a cozy.  You can hang the handle of the cozy on the handles of the tote which makes it easier to find the phone when it rings! I made this in just half an hour.



The fabric in the tutorial isn't felt.  It's denim because I didn't have any felt left.  I have also made these from foam and leatherette.

This is the template for the 2 pieces:


Cut your fabric according to the template.  I used zigzag shears so the fabric won't fray and this way I didn't have to hem the edges.


Embellish the front according to your taste.  You can use beads, felt, sublime stitching, applique... here a few examples:


Place the front and back pieces on top of each other, wrong sides facing each other.

Stitch 3 sides leaving the top open.  I used hand stitching but it would've been neater and faster with a machine.



Attach a snap to the top of the handle from the right side of the fabric, and the other part of the snap to the top right corner of the body of the cozy.  I used a snap in the green cosy and velcro on this one (the button is only decorative).  Of course you can use a button or a ribbon as well.

Another finished cozy.


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