November 02, 2017

Introducing the No-Change Dies

If you have a professional KAM snaps table-top press, you probably love it.  What you may not love so much is the need to change the top dies for the male side and then for the female side when installing plastic snaps.

You can now use our new no-change dies to install the entire snap without having to change parts.  Works with size 20 plastic snaps and the DK93 table-press. (Size 16 no-change dies will be available at a later date.)

See how it works:


A few points of interest to note:
  • The 2-piece no-change dies are the exact ones that come with the KX multi-functional handheld pliers. These are our all-in-one pliers that are able to install both plastic and metal snaps (and are *not* the basic K1 or K2 pliers which can only install plastic snaps).  So if you already have these the KX pliers, you already have the no-change dies.  All you need to get the dies to work with the DK93 press is the single piece KX-to-DK93 adapter base.  In fact, you can use ANY of the KX dies in the DK93 press as long as you have that adapter.
  • The original 3-piece dies that require changing are considered professional grade. They are the gold standard because each die is molded to perfectly fit each snap piece to maximize precision.  While the no-change dies don't quite reach the same standards, they are a great time-saver for those who prefer that option.
  • If you're using these with a kick press, you may need to adjust the pressure to avoid breaking the bottom plastic die piece.
  • If you also own the original 3-piece dies that require changing, you can use the metal bottom piece from that set with the top piece from the no-change set.

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