November 11, 2017


Rivets by KAMsnaps


You can now attach our double cap rivets with the KAMsnaps KX8J professional handheld press tool and the DK93 snap press machine.  Our versatile setting tools make installing rivets a quick and simple process, with perfect results every time.  Easily attach rivet fasteners to clothing, jeans, collars, bracelets, leather, and so much more without ever having to struggle with the imprecise method of hammering.

You will need the KX rivet dies.  If you have the DK93, you will also need the KX-to-DK93 adapter base in order for the dies to fit your table press.

Rivets are available in 3 different sizes.  Make sure you choose the same die size as the rivets. For example, if your rivets are 6mm, choose the 6mm dies.

To recap, to install rivets, you will need:


 Instructional video:

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