KAM Professional Table Press for Snaps, Rivets, Grommets & Buttons (DK93)

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ADD DIES: Dies are *not* included and must be added separately here. Press will *not* function without dies. BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO SELECTING DIES

  • A DK93-KX adapter base is required for most of our dies to fit the table press and can be added in the drop-down box above.

SPECIFICATIONS (approximate):

  • Want a pink press?  Click here.
  • Compatible with dies for snaps, rivets, grommets, buttons, key fobs & more
  • Authenticity KAM embossing on side
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Height: 19" (48cm) x Length: 9" (23cm) x Width: 3 1/2" (89cm)
  • Weight: 12lbs
  • Fabric Reach: 4" (101cm)
  • Instructions
  • VIEW FULL PRESS DISCLOSURES. May have cosmetic blemishes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 283 reviews
Great press.

I purchased this press as a second one to an older model press. It makes adding snaps so easy when I have one press set up for the top snap and the second one set up for the bottom snap. Great press and dies.

Catlin Bennett
Perfect for my small business!!

I have a small business that sells keyfob keychains, and this has saved my hands from using them awful keyfob pliers! Highly recommend!

Tina Mercado

The website made it easy for me to know what I needed to get the job done. The press is easy to operate and the videos explain everything very clearly.

Green kampress

I just got my Kampress in today. Shipping was super fast. The press made it perfectly and it was a breeze to put the handle and adapter together. I love it! Thank you!

Steve Yates
Great product and customer support

After realizing I needed a rivet press and did some research, decided to order from KAMsnaps and certainly glad I did. I ordered the bench press along with rivet dies and rivets and received it just a few days later. One set of rivets were the wrong color but it was taken care of quickly. The press works great and am now coming up with other uses for it.

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