November 13, 2017

If all you've used in the past were metal snap fasteners, you'll know how tedious they can be to install, not to mention how imperfect the results can be with the old hammer method or those Dritz-style pliers for ring snaps.

Well, erase all that from your memory because attaching plastic snaps is a breeze.  It's quick, easy and the results are perfect.  It's no surprise that many people who use KAM plastic snaps for the first time end up looking around their house for other things to snap.

KAMsnaps has both a portable hand-held pliers tool as well as a heavy duty table-top press machine that can be used to install plastic snaps (not to mention metal snaps, rivets, and grommets without the hassle of yore).  Watch these quick videos to see just how simple the process is and why so many people love KAM snaps.

How to Install Plastic Snaps with KAM Hand Pliers:

How to Install Plastic Snaps with KAM Press Machine:

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