February 02, 2018

A very simple and ingenius way of making a pin cushion bracelet with KAM snap plastic fasteners. Easy and fast to make, and no sewing required!

How to Make a Pin Cushion Bracelet - Video
Tutorial below provided by Vanessa of  The Crafty Gemini

Pin Cushion Bracelet Tutorial Using KAM snap no-sew fasteners

If you are like me you probably have 10 different pin cushions in your sewing area and maybe even a few magnetic ones. They are all great but I find myself having to either walk back and forth to get another pin or put some back. The best solution for this I have found is a pin cushion bracelet! The bracelet is comfortable, easy to put on and take off and makes pinning super convenient. The base of the pin cushion bracelet is a bottle cap- yay! for re-purposing something we all have in our homes! The bottle cap allows your wrist some protection from getting poked with pins- OUCH! I used black, size 20 resin KAM snaps for the wristband closure. I buy my snap tools and snaps from KAMsnaps. This project is a must have for any crafter! Enjoy!




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