February 02, 2018

Tips on How to Store & Organize your KAM Snaps

Now that you've got a bunch of KAM snaps in a rainbow of colors, shapes, and sizes, what's the most convenient way to store and organize them?  Here are some suggestions offered by our creative customers using both purchased new materials, and up-cycled old jars and cartons.

Check your local craft or home improvement stores for inexpensive plastic containers. They might be referred to as "bead storage," "tackle boxes," or "nail/screw storage."


Mounted Plastic Compartments


Recycled Milk/Soup Cartons


Ice Cube Tray


Storage Organizer Cabinet / Tackle Boxes
(photo courtesy of Caroline H. Available at  HarborFreight.com)


Stack-On Organizer
(photos courtesy of Barb H. and Amy O. Can be purchased at The Container Store)

Mounting putty was used for caps, which is easy to remove/change.


Really Useful Boxes
(photo courtesy of Vicky W.)

KAM Fabric Clothing Snaps Storage Organization Boxes Bins


Jewelry Container
(photo courtesy of Cindy K., who found her "snapping tower" in the jewelry section at Michaels )

KAM Plastic Snaps Size Storage Container Unit Organizer CPSIA Compliant Lead Tested


Bead Container
(can be purchased at Michaels)



Travel Cases


Baby Food Jars
(photo from ohdeedoh.com--they painted the lids; aren't they cute?)


Recycled Food Containers
(photo courtesy of Mud Butt Cloth Diapers)


Up-Recycled Pill Containers
(photo courtesy of Rose-Hélène F. ) 

KAM no-sew button fasteners recycled organizer organization idea pill containers


Old Coffee Jars
(photo courtesy of Malinda M. Great for bulk snaps 500 sets or more)

KAM Snap No-Sew Buttons Storage Organizer Idea Jars


Hanging Containers
(photo courtesy of Caroline H. This particular set is part of the Bygel collection at IKEA and features removable cup containers on a towel rack.)


Portable Plastic Photo Boxes
(photo courtesy of Kimberly C. who purchased these from The Container Store )

KAM snaps storage container portable plastic photo box organizer


Tote Bag
(photo courtesy of Roberta V.)

KAM plastic fasteners storage organization tool tote box bin organizer portable


For your convenience, we also now sell KAM snaps and pliers in handy plastic organizers that are portable, and stack-able.

Have another cool idea? Share it with us by sending an email to sales @ KAMsnaps.com (remove the spaces).



















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