KAM Snaps KX8J Professional Handheld Press vs K1/K2 Basic Pliers

February 02, 2018

Somebody commented that our KAMsnaps KX8J professional handheld presses were just an "expensive version" of our basic K1/K2 pliers for plastic snaps. I'd like to take a moment to dispel a few misconceptions.

The KX8J is not at all similar to our basic pliers, except in the fact that it's handheld. Although you can't tell from a video or picture, the KX8J is about 70% bigger and heavier than the basic pliers. (The KX8J is made of steel, the basic pliers aluminum.) The feel of it is also very different when you use it, with the mechanics being much smoother not to mention more gentle on your hands since it requires less pressure.

The KX8J is in fact more closely related to our professional table presses, constructed with similar technology, which allows you to apply more pressure using less strength. That in turns gives it the ability to perform functions which the basic pliers are too weak to do--such as install different styles of metal snaps, rivets, grommets, and remove plastic snaps. The KX8J has fully removable die attachments, just like our table presses, and you can use the same dies for both those tools.

Read some of the reviews (near the bottom of the page): http://bit.ly/2nlepcq

(If you're on a limited budget and will only ever be working with plastic snaps, then the K1/K2 basic pliers are still a great tool. It's just in a vastly different category than the KX8J professional handheld press.)

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