KAMsnaps Deal of the Month: 25% off Set of Organizers of Shaped Snaps

April 12, 2018

DEAL OF THE MONTH: 25% off a set of 4 organizers of heart, star, flower, and butterfly snaps + free US shipping with coupon SHAPES at checkout. Each organizer contains 150 sets in different colors / shapes. Total 600 sets in 4 organizers.

These are normally $69.80 when purchased individually. They're currently discounted 10% on our site when you buy all 4. Use coupon SHAPES and the price is further lowered to $51.99, which still qualifies for free US shipping.

Product listing : https://bit.ly/2H7dMfj
You'll receive the discount for each bundle of 4 organizers. That means if you buy "1" bundle of 4, it will be $51.99. If you buy "2", it will be $51.99 x 2, and so on. Applies only to the "All 4 Organizers" option.

Have a question about the colors included? Breakdown of shapes? What dies you need? What's in a set? Etc. Please read the product listing before asking.

- 1 coupon per order. That means no other coupon can be combined.
- Ends April 18 or when sold out, whichever is soonest.

KAM Snaps Shapes Hearts Butterflies Flowers Stars in Organizer KAM Snaps Shapes Stars in Organizer
KAM Snaps Shapes Hearts  in Organizer KAM Snaps Shapes Butterflies Flowers in Organizer

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