Medical IV Friendly Shirts and Hospital Robes Made with Snap Fasteners (Tutorial)

April 12, 2018

Did you know that KAM snap fasteners can be used for a plethora of applications beyond diapers and children's clothes? Our customers have graciously shared their photos and ideas for medical IV friendly projects where snap fasteners came to the rescue! All simple, yet ingenious hacks from resourceful and clever fellow snappers.


Dorina G. cleverly made a PICC line-friendly hospital robe with  snap fasteners and wrote:

“Kam Snaps to the rescue! My husband didn’t want to take walks in the halls anymore because he was too cold but he couldn’t wear anything unless it fit over his PICC line. I found this inexpensive robe st Walmart and cut up the sleeve all the way up through the collar. I used white snaps so he could see them, and used them to close up the sleeve over his line, and voila! He’s up walking again! Thank you KamSnaps!”

Hospital IV friendly robe made with KAM snap fasteners


When Mandi K.'s husband had to stay in the hospital, she made him these hospital comforts - an IV friendly shirt with side snap sleeve, and a detachable snap-on laundry bag. 

A helpful tip from Mandi when converting a regular shirt to a IV friendly one:

" I take a 1/2 inch strip of this gridded lightweight stabilizer and iron it to both sides of the seam before I cut it. This stabilizes and marks where the snaps go. Otherwise, the fabric will stretch when I use my binding foot. I also cut off the shoulder seam or it would be too thick for the snaps."

Hospital Medical Access IV Friendly Shirt with Side Snap-On Sleeve made with snap fasteners Detachable Laundry Bag Coat Hanger with KAM snap fasteners


Lia B H. made this easy access, snap-on front shirt for her son and wrote:

"When the hospital tells you your child needs a shirt with open front (unless you want to use the hospital gowns....) you just make something fast out of 2 old t-shirts....." 

Easy Open Front Snap-On Hospital Medical IV Friendly Shirt Made with Snap Fasteners





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