Unique Use for Snap Fasteners: Keeping Garbage Bags from Sagging

July 03, 2018

Garbage bags have a bad habit of sagging, leading to constant re-positioning and re-tying to keep them in place. I can only imagine it was the result of extreme frustration that inspired fellow snapper Janice K. to come up with one of the more unique uses for KAM snaps: to hold her trash bag in place! 

Note: This will only work for wooden containers. She nailed the bottom of the snap (cap & stud) in with a thin brad to her wooden container. After aligning the trash bag, she then pressed the top of the snap (cap & socket) to hold the bag in place. No more sagging garbage bags. =) Great thinking outside the bag Janice!

Keep garbage bags from sagging with KAM snap fasteners



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