Looking for Snaps to Match BumGenius Diapers?

February 26, 2018

If you're looking for snaps to replace the old velcro on your BumGenius diapers, we have several colors that were custom matched.  You'll find them in the BG color range of size 20 glossy snaps.  These snaps are size 20 regular length, as are most snaps used on diapers.

BG100 Blossom
BG101 Butternut
BG102 Grasshopper
BG103 Twilight
BG104 Clementine
BG105 Moonbeam
BG106 Ribbit
BG107 Zinnia
BG108 Bubble
BG109 Noodle
BG110 Sweet
BG111 Dazzle
BG112 Mirror
BG113 Sassy

For a tutorial on how to convert the hook and loop on your BG diaper to snaps, click here.

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