No-Change Dies vs Professional-Grade Dies to Install KAM Snaps

May 11, 2019

KAMsnaps® offers 2 types of dies to install plastic snaps with your professional KAM table press:  3pc professional-grade & 2pc no-change.

What's the difference?  The primary difference is that the pro-dies have a dedicated die piece for the female vs male snap piece, which need to be switched out depending on which side of the snap you're installing.  The no-change dies do not require switching dies.

Important!  Professional-grade dies are available only for the KAM table presses. They do not fit the portable KX professional presses.

Most (not all) people who have used both versions seem to prefer the no-change dies. However, technically speaking, the professional-grade dies offer the utmost precision.

Comparing the dies:



No-Change Dies:

Pros -

  • Convenience - no need to switch out dies, 1 less die piece to keep track of
  • Speed - makes installing a few snaps faster compared to pro-dies
  • Less pressure needed - easier to flatten the snap prongs compared to pro-dies

Cons -

  • Less precise - top snap piece must be manually placed and aligned over fabric, potential for more human error or less professional-looking results


Professional-Grade  Dies:

Pros -

  • Precision - dies automatically align the top & bottom snap snaps, requires less manual fidgeting with snaps
  • Speed - if installing high volume of snaps, may be faster compared to no-change dies
  • Recommended if press is attached to kick pedal

Cons -

  • Less convenient - 1 more die piece to track, requires switch top dies for male vs female snap pieces
  • More pressure needed - some may find it more difficult to apply the necessary pressure to flatten the snap prongs compared to no-change dies


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