DK93 Table Press Dies for Plastic Snaps (Professional Grade)

  • Dies install plastic KAM-brand snaps (sold separately). See how it works.

    Note: The top dies require changing, one for sockets/females and another for studs/males.  See our No-Change Dies to avoid the need to switch top dies.  What's the difference?

    Select the die set that corresponds to your snap size:
    • Size 14 (9mm)
    • Size 16 (10mm)
    • Size 20 (12mm)
    • Size 22 (14mm)
    • Size 24 (15mm)

    Click here for individual die pieces.

    Note: size 14 socket and stud dies are identical to size 16 socket and stud dies--only the cap dies are different.

    Dies fit the DK93 table press only (shown in 2nd thumbnail image). 
    • Top die screws in, with a 5/16" wide shank.
    • Bottom die has a 3/4" wide shank.
    Click here if you are looking for dies for the DK98 table press. May not be compatible with other tools or with fasteners sold off this site.

  • Dies are industrial equipment and may have scratches, rust, oil or other cosmetic imperfections that will not hinder their function. Remove any remaining oil on dies by attaching several snaps to scrap fabric. Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted unless a defect affects function.

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