KX *No-Change* Dies for Plastic Snaps

  • No need to change the top dies for the male (stud) and female (socket) sides of a plastic snap in your table press with this no-change die set.  See how it works.

    The following tools are REQUIRED:

    Disclosures: While the no-change dies provide convenience, results may not be as consistent or professional-looking compared to the professional-grade 3-piece die set. There may be a slight unevenness to the press.  To help minimize this, hold the snap as centered as possible under the no-change die when pressing down.

    Tip: If you already have the professional-grade 3-piece die set, you can try using the bottom die from that set with just the top no-change die. It is especially important that you try to center the snap under the no-change top die as best as possible when pressing down.

    Caution: Not recommended for use with a foot pedal or automatic press.

    • Bottom die shank: approx 3/8" diameter
      Top die shank: approx 5/16" diameter

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