KX Dies for Plastic Snaps (No Change)

  • Dies install plastic snap fasteners. No need to change the dies for the male (stud) and female (socket) sides of a snap with these no-change dies. See how it works.

    Includes 3 bottom dies for size 16, size 20 / hearts / butterflies / flowers, and stars*, and a top die*. 

    *Note: The bottom die for the stars fits size 22 and 24 snaps, but the top die does not work with those sizes.  That means you cannot use these dies for size 22 or 24 snaps. (They require a larger top die which we do not stock.)

    Dies are compatible with the following tools -- also see 2nd thumbnail image:
  • If using a table press, the 3-piece dies are the gold standard and are considered the most professional because they are perfectly molded to fit the exact shape of each snap. While these no-change dies are not the gold standard, they do provide added convenience and flexibility since the dies do not need to be changed when installing either sides of a snap.

    Caution: The bottom no-change die is hard plastic. If you are using a foot pedal or an automated machine such as a drill press, you may need to reduce the pressure to avoid breaking the die. Or you can use the professional-grade metal bottom die.

  • Bottom die shank: approx 3/8" diameter
    Top die shank: approx 5/16" diameter

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