Painting Your KAM Snap Rivet Table Press

February 01, 2023


Painted KAM Snap Press Painted KAM Rivet Press


Don't like the color of your table press?  Some people have taken theirs to a local autobody shop to have them repainted, but many others have done it themselves.

Two common brands of spray paint used are Rustoleum Paint & Primer and Krylon Paint & Primer.

Detach the handle and remove any dies & adapter before painting.  Removing the screws, black bar, and spring is an option but is not necessary.

  • If you choose to remove the spring & black bar, try using zip ties to keep the spring compressed.  Make sure to take photos of all sides of the press before disassembling it so you know what it's supposed to look like to when reassembled.
  • If you choose not to remove any of the extra parts, you can just cover them with paint tape. You may need to do a bit of touch up work with a small paint brush to get any nooks and crannies.

Here's a very in-depth video that walks you through all the steps of making over your press.

(Thanks to Dominique, Shelley, Mona, and so many others who have shared their tips and painted presses in our Facebook group!)

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