Repair Jean Buttons or Zippers with Snap Fasteners

March 22, 2018

Have you ever thrown away an otherwise good article of clothing because of a broken zipper or missing button? Zippers seem complicated, time intensive to repair, and often require sewing. A quick and easy fix that will also last is to simply install a snap fastener instead, which requires absolutely no sewing! Snap fasteners have a strong and secure grip, and are excellent replacements for damaged zippers. 

Toni G. color coordinated her snap fastener with her jeans for a seamless look.

Repair Broken Zipper with Snap No-Sew Button Fasteners

Tricia M. installed her snap on the interior side of her jeans so that they aren't visible from the front.

Repair Broken Zipper on Jeans Clothes with Snap No-Sew Button Fasteners Easy Fix

Erica T. added a utility metal snap in place of the original jean button.

KAMsnaps Jean Button Repair with Snaps


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