What Are Pronged Males? See Projects That Use Them

April 25, 2018

Pronged males hold a wealth of potential for your projects, but are little understood, so let me help demystify them. 

What is a Pronged Male? 
A pronged male has a male (stud) on one side, and a prong on the other end. 

Double Pronged Studs Double-Sided Snap Fasteners Double-Sided Studs Sockets

When would I use Pronged Males?

Adding a pronged male to a regular snap set creates a double-sided or stackable snap.

Double Sided Stackable KAM Snaps

As shown above, you can pair a pronged male with an extra female to create a center snap piece that goes in between the 2 sides of a standard snap set.  See how it works.  


Examples of projects using Double Pronged Studs:
Layered Diaper Inserts: A double-sided snap allows inserts to be layered on top of each other for extra absorbency when needed, then unsnapped for easy washing and drying. Same idea can be used for mama pads.

Double-Sided Prong Stud Snap Fasteners for Adding More Diaper Insert Layers


Attach Wipe Bag to Wet Bag Handle: A double-sided snap on the pink wipe bag allows the bag to be attached to the handle of the larger wet bag. One less thing in your hand when you're rushing baby to the bathroom for a diaper change.

Double-Sided Prong Stud Snap Fasteners for Adding Wipe Pouch to Wet Diaper Bag


Interactive Clock: A double-sided snap was used for the bottom hand of the clock. The bottom hand is able to fasten to both the clock as well as the top hand.

Double-Sided Prong Stud Snap Fasteners on Interactive Kid Learning Activity Clock


Fabric Sampler Book: Layers of fabric are attached to each other with double-sided snaps to create a sampler book.

Double-Sided Prong Stud Snap Fasteners Sampler Book


Quiet/Busy Book: The pages of this quiet book were connected using pronged studs. Each page can be unsnapped and therefore removed. Or additional pages can be added in any sequence, and the pages can be rearranged.

Attach Add Remove Rearrange Quiet Book Pages with Double-Sided Prong Stud Snap Fasteners


The Convertabunz pattern from Bunzuke Cloth uses pronged studs (double-sided snaps). For those not familiar, a Convertabunz was designed by Sara Scholl and is a single piece that converts to all these things. Talk about versatility!

1. Snapping newborn/infant prefold
2. Snapping infant/toddler prefold
3. Fitted newborn/infant diaper
4. Fitted infant/toddler diaper 
5. “Stay Dry” snap-in soaker
6. Pocket diaper insert
7. Elasticized insert
8. Pocket to add extra absorbency

Check out the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=fUN2faXinLU

You can buy the pattern here:  http://hyenacart.com/ stores/bunzuke/

Convertabunz Versatile Multipurpose Cloth Diaper Made with Double-Sided Prong Stud Snap Fasteners

Convertabunz Versatile Multipurpose Cloth Diaper Different Uses Made with Double-Sided Prong Stud Snap Fasteners


Have you made a project using double pronged studs? Share it with us by sending an email to sales @ KAMsnaps.com (remove the spaces).

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