April 23, 2018

The first two tips were shared by fellow snappers on super creative ways that I would have never thought to use snap fasteners on cloth diapers!

Rachel B. shared this nifty little trick of covering unused snaps on a cloth diaper. No more fumbling with trying to locate the correct snap socket. This is especially handy when baby is crying and you need to do a quick diaper change, or when your older kids want to help out with baby as the snaps will be clearly marked. Simple and genius!

Cover Unused Snaps on Cloth Diapers with Snap Sockets Studs Parts


Angelique V. added snap fasteners to her prefold diapers to save the hassle of using pins or other fasteners that have a tendency to get misplaced. See the complete tutorial here.

Adding Snap Fasteners to Prefold Cloth Diapers


And Sara Scholl from Convertabunz designed a multipurpose cloth diaper that acts like a prefold, fitted diaper, and insert all in one! Her ingenuis design really does do it all!

Convertabunz Multipurpose Convertible Cloth Diaper Prefold Insert Fitted Diaper

Check out the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=fUN2faXinLU






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