What Rivet Die SIze Do I Need?

February 24, 2021

We carry 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm double cap rivets.  Each size has its own die set. 

  • Our 10mm rivets should use the 10mm dies.
  • Our 8mm rivets should use the 8mm dies. 
  • And so forth.
  • You could potentially use larger dies for smaller rivets (for example, 10mm dies for 10mm & 8mm rivets), if you're careful.  However, we can't guarantee results (so practice on scrap first if you're going to try it).

If using our rivets, we normally recommend 10mm for vinyl straps on bags, and 8mm for fabric straps.  The 10mm rivets have longer stems so are able to go through thicker material compared to the 8mm.

The "size" represents the diameter of the cap. However, it's the length of the stem that is more important in determining whether a rivet will function for a particular application, rather than the diameter of the cap.  Longer stems should be used for thicker materials; shorter stems for thinner materials.

In her Let's Talk About Rivet Presses video, Jess of Oklaroots used 9mm rivets.  Since we don't carry 9mm rivets or dies, it's ok to size up on the dies to 10mm.  

  • However, you cannot size down on the dies.  The dies should never be smaller than the rivet.

If you want to use 9mm rivets, then you will need to purchase them elsewhere.  They are just 1mm different in diameter to our 8mm and 10mm rivets, and therefore are fairly interchangeable with our existing sizes, especially since the stem length is more relevant to functionality than the cap diameter.

  • Disclaimer: The 9mm rivets used by Jess in the video appear to be compatible with our dies. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility when you purchase your rivets from another source, since our dies are custom fitted for our rivets. It is usually ok -- we just can't make any promises.

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