KX Dies to Cut Holes

Quickly cuts out a hole in your fabric or vinyl for easy snap, rivet, or grommet placement.  Both a top cutting die and a bottom cutting die are needed. Our 17mm bottom die accommodates top cutting dies up to 17mm, so you can use the same bottom die for all smaller sizes.

  • For rivets and most snaps, use the 2.5mm die.  (Exception: 4mm for size 24.1 Wide Stem utility snaps)
  • For grommets:
    • Use the same cutting die size as the grommet if your material is stiff, has no give at all and will not unravel/fray at the cut (ie. leather, card stock).
    • If your fabric is thin, stretchy, has any give, or unravels/frays when cut, a cutting die smaller than the grommet size is recommended since the resulting hole will expand. Size down according to the amount of expansion. Different fabrics may require different sized holes.  It is better to err on the side of too small since the hole can be enlarged.


  • Cuts best on thicker material with compression (like vinyl); thin material may not achieve completely clean cuts. 
  • Not recommended for knits or other fabrics that will unravel when cut.
  • Larger holes require much more pressure to cut than smaller holes.
  • Larger top dies may have a spring to prevent the cut fabric from lodging in the die.
  • Due to the mechanics of hole punching, the dies will wear down with continued use and will need to be replaced periodically, particularly the bottom die. Placing a small cutting mat or piece of leather on the bottom die may provide a cushion for the surface to prolong the lifespan.  The brass plate in the bottom die can also be removed and flipped over for a 2nd clean slate.
  • As with all punch dies, the cut pieces of fabric will collect in the top die (similar to how cut pieces of paper will collect in a paper hole punch) and will need to be cleaned out periodically.
  • TIP: Need to punch an oval hole for turn locks? Use the hole cutting dies to make overlapping holes to fit the turn lock.

        Disclosures: Dies are industrial equipment and may have scratches, rust, oil or other cosmetic imperfections that will not hinder their function. Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted unless a defect affects function.

        Customer Reviews

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        Best quality

        Best quality and customer service . I have two presses and looking forward to by a third.

        A Whole New World

        I was struggling to punch holes into vinyl manually when I discovered hole punches to fit my Kam DK93. Oh, my, what a time saver! I have purchased several sizes and they all work perfectly. Shipping and communication is first rate!

        Debby Fiori
        Easy peasy

        Hands hurt after using manual cutters...love this...so quick and easy. The perfect hole

        Diane Royer

        The hole punch made installing my grommets so easy. Wish I’d tried it years ago!

        Suzan Sullivan
        Hole cutting die

        I am so glad I purchased this due for my KAM press! It punches a joke through the webbing without any issues. I could not do that with a hand hole lunch I was using. Well made and fair price, fast service. Thank you!

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