KAMsnaps® Presses

KAMsnaps® professional presses offer the greatest versatility when it comes to performing multiple functions. Combined with our wide selection of die attachments, these presses can attach plastic and metal snaps, rivets, grommets, key fob hardware & cover buttons, as well as safely remove snaps, punch holes and more.

3 different multi-function tools available, from our most affordable pro-handheld press to our industrial table press. Choose an all-in-one complete starter bundle, which includes the press, die attachments, and fasteners of your choice, or purchase the press tools and additional dies separately.

If you need a very basic tool to install the occasional plastic snap for home use, and aren't concerned with professional-looking results, our low-cost single function pliers are a great option.  Single-function pliers are also available to remove plastic snaps.

Not sure which press you need?  Watch our comparison video:

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