Copy of OLD KAM Presses & Dies for Snaps, Rivets, Grommets, Buttons

Getting Started:

If you're just starting out or confused about what you need, click here for guidance.

All you need are 3 things to start --

  1. press
  2. fasteners from this site (such as plastic snaps, rivets, grommets, etc)
  3. die attachments for those specific fasteners

* KAMsnaps® presses, dies, and fasteners are made to work together and may not be compatible with other brands.


40-Seconds to Become an Expert

This 40-second video explains exactly where to look for direct links to everything you need.   No need to guess!

KAMsnaps® professional presses can install plastic and metal snaps, rivets & grommets, safely remove plastic snaps, assemble key fob hardware and fabric cover buttons, punch holes and more. The specific use is determined by separate die attachments.

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