How to Set Key Fob Hardware & the Tools Needed

You don't actually need a press to set key fob hardware. You can use needle nose pliers or similar devices.

But our presses will make it a lot easier.

This video explains what tools you'll need if you want to use a press and how to do it:


Don't have any tools yet?

Purchase the complete key fob hardware press & dies with all the tools needed already included. ( Key fob hardware sold separately.)
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Otherwise, here's what you'll need:

      1. KX clamping dies for key fob hardware
      2. Key fob hardware, and
      3. One of the following KAMsnaps® professional presses: ( which tool do I have?)

      Optional: Leave a note in the Order Notes box at checkout requesting that your order be reviewed for completeness.  We'll contact you if anything appears to be missing or if your tools aren't compatible with your fasteners.



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