KAM K1 or K2 Basic Snap Pliers

If you intend to install plastic snaps only, our basic pliers are the most economical option.  These pliers work solely with plastic snaps and cannot install metal snaps, grommets, or any other types of fasteners.

Our basic pliers are intended for private, home use though many people do use them on products sold. Please note they do not yield the same level of professional and uniform results as our KX professional handheld press or DK93 professional table press.

Our K2 and K1 models can both install size 20 & 22 plastic snaps, with the K2 yielding more consistent results with these sizes compared to the K1.

The K2 pliers are recommended if you'll be installing mostly size 20 (the most popular size) and larger snaps. It is not recommended for size 14 or 16 snaps.

The K1 pliers are recommended if you'll be installing a lot of size 14 or 16 snaps (for knits, thin material or fabric prone to stretching or tearing).  It cannot install size 24 (our largest, strongest size).

To get started, all you need are one of the above pliers and plastic snaps. Check our our starter kits.

See how it works:

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