KAMsnaps KX8J Professional Handheld Press

KAMsnaps KX8J Professional Multi-Functional Pliers


The KX8J professional handheld press is our more advanced model of hand pliers and are considered the hand-held, portable version of our DK93 table-top press machine. Unlike the basic pliers, which can only attach plastic snaps, the KX8J can install a range of fasteners including plastic snaps, metal snaps, rivets, and grommets/eyelets.  

The KX8J can install plastic snaps in every size we carry including pronged studs to create double-sided snaps.  It also comes with die attachments to easily and safely remove plastic snaps that may have been improperly installed.

Die attachments for cover buttons, metal snaps, rivets, grommets/eyelets, and hole punching can also be purchased separately.  And should you ever want to upgrade to the KAM table press machine, you can use the same die attachments for both tools.

Compared to our basic pliers, the KX professional handheld press boasts of smoother mechanics which make installing snaps easier and resulting in more uniform and professional-looking snaps. With numerous die attachments, it also has the ability to install a wider range of fasteners.  It can also be set up as a kick press.

See what the KAMsnaps KX8J professional handheld press can do:

(We have added more dies and increased functionality since this video was made. Click here for a complete list of functions.)

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