Fashion Metal Snaps

Size Guide
Choosing the Right Metal Snaps

Which metal snaps you use depend mostly on your personal preference and on which size best complements your project. For that reason, we are unable to provide specific size recommendations beyond the information below.

------>>>>>> Download a printable pdf file showing each snap in its true-to-life size.

KAMsnaps Open-Ring Metal Snaps for Children Baby Toddler Clothes Onesies

Open-ring grip snaps are commonly used on baby/children's clothing and other basic crafting projects with thinner types of material (which should be reinforced with twill or grosgrain ribbon to avoid possible tearing). Because the "teeth" are short and each one needs to be able to self-pierce through the fabric, these are not suited for tough, thick or dense material. Size 14 (9mm - 3/8") has shorter teeth than size 16 (10mm - 7/16").

    KAM Fashion Spring Decorative Metal Snaps for Bracelets Wallets

      Fashion spring snaps for a more visually appealing decorative touch. Size 14 (9mm - 3/8") for light-weight applications, size 20 (12mm - 1/2") for general use, and size 24 (15mm - 5/8") for thicker material. Similar to utility spring snaps below -- visual appeal is the main difference.



      KAMsnaps Utility Spring Heavy Duty Snaps for Leather

        Utility spring snaps (also called line snaps) on projects that call for a more heavy-duty snap.  This style is less bulky than the fashion spring style.  Size 20 (12mm - 1/2") is more suited for general use while size 24 (15mm - 5/8") is recommended for heavy-duty applications.

          Fashion snaps have a gentler grip and more decorative appearance compared to utility snaps.

          Available in:

          • Size 14 (9.5mm - 3/8")
          • Size 20 (12.5mm - 1/2")
          • Size 24 (15mm - 5/8")
          • Colors: Silver, Gunmetal, Antique Brass in all sizes.  Rose Gold , Gold*, Rainbow in sizes 14 & 20
          • * Please note that "Gold" is brighter than the "Gold A" previously offered and more closely matches the Gold of our rivets and other fasteners.
          • Material: Brass
          • CPSIA Compliant: Lead
            TOOLS REQUIRED:

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 28 reviews
            Gorgeous snaps!

            These rainbow fashion snaps are gorgeous and work with so many colors of faux leather!

            Krystal Roan
            Works great

            Love the look and easy to i stall

            Gail Yellen
            Kam Fashion Metal Snaps

            Love these snaps. With the help of excellent tutorial videos, the table press makes installing snaps a snap! Along with rivets, the snaps add a new dimension to tote bags and my Crossbody Bag pattern (photo) and are cool embellishments. And the hole punch makes perfect placement easy without stressing the fabric. Thanks Kam Snaps and Judy for fast service and shipping! (Crossbody Bag pattern is available

            Great Snaps!

            Love the fashion snaps! I set them with my KAM table press. They look professional and hold up well!

            The best fashion snaps

            KamSnaps makes the BEST fashion snaps available! They all work together beautifully and if there is ever a problem, it’s usually user error. If there is a problem, Judy can usually sort it out very quickly!

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