5mm Multi-Color Crafting Grommets (50 Sets)

Size Guide
Grommet Size Chart
------>>>>>> Download a printable pdf file showing each grommet in its true-to-life size.
  • For drawstrings on tote bags: 10mm, 12mm, or 17mm generally recommended.
  • For clothing: 7mm commonly for hoodies and waist strings, 10mm for overalls.
  • For key fobs & snap tabs: 4mm or 5mm.
Measurements are approximate:
  • Inner diameter: 4mm (~1/8")
    • Outer diameter: 7mm
    • Barrel height: 3.3mm

  • Inner diameter: 5mm (~3/16")
      • Outer diameter: 9mm
        • Barrel height: 3.9mm
        • Inner diameter: 7mm (just over 1/4")
          • Outer diameter: 12mm
            • Barrel height: 4mm
            • Inner diameter: 10mm (just over 3/8")
              • Outer diameter: 17mm
              • Barrel height: 4mm

            • Inner diameter: 12mm (just under 1/2")
              • Outer diameter: 20.5mm
              • Barrel height: 4.5mm
            • Inner diameter: 17mm (~11/16")
              • Outer diameter: 28mm
              • Barrel height: 5mm
            . eyelets grommet .
            Grommet 7mm
            • 5mm means the internal hole is 5mm.
            • Color: Random assortment
            • Material: Iron (can rust in presence of water or air moisture)
              • Intended for crafting (not clothing).
                • The paint is soft and rubbery and may scratch slightly when installed. See thumbnail photos.  Clean the grooves in the dies well and do not over-press to better minimize any staining or scratching upon installation. 
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                    These colorful grommets are the perfect addition to my projects! The colors are so vibrant.

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