Rivet, Purse Feet & Magnetic Snap Press Bundle for BAG-MAKING

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Our bag-making press bundle includes all the tools & fasteners needed to get started with our most popular fasteners for bag-making.    Video tutorials.
    • DK93 table press & DK93-KX adapter base
    • KX-T2 pro-standup press (mini-table press)
    • KX8J pro-handheld press
  • 50 each silver 10mm and 9mm double cap rivets & corresponding 10mm dies.  Commonly used to attach bag straps.
  • 15 silver 14mm magnetic snap rivets & corresponding 14mm dies. Commonly used as closures on bags & wallets.
  • 20 silver 12mm purse feet rivets & corresponding dies.
  • 2.5mm hole cutting dies 


    VIEW FULL PRESS DISCLOSURES. May have cosmetic blemishes.

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