Rivet Press Bundle

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Our complete rivet bundle includes everything you need to get started with double cap rivets.   Video tutorials.

Multi-Functional Press - your choice of:
  • DK93 professional table press with DK93-KX adapter base
  • KX-T2 pro-standup (mini-table press)
  • KX8J pro-handheld
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  • 50 sets silver 10mm rivets
  • 50 sets silver 9mm rivets
  • (Additional colors sold separately.)


  • 10mm rivet dies
  • 2.5mm hole cutting dies
  • 20 sets AB 7mm crystal rhinestone rivets & crystal rivet 1pc bottom die.  (To be used together with the double cap top rivet die.)
    • Crystal rivets have a shorter stem so aren't recommended to hold straps, but they are great for garments and decorative purposes.

VIEW FULL PRESS DISCLOSURES. May have cosmetic blemishes.

Comparison of KAMsnaps® Presses

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