Rivet Press Bundle

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Our complete rivet bundle includes everything you need to get started with double cap rivets.   Video tutorials.

Multi-Functional Press - your choice of:
  • DK93 professional table press with DK93-KX adapter base
  • KX-T2 pro-standup (mini-table press)
  • KX8J pro-handheld
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  • 50 sets silver 10mm rivets
  • 50 sets silver 9mm rivets
  • (Additional colors sold separately.)


  • 10mm rivet dies
  • 2.5mm hole cutting dies
  • 20 sets AB 7mm crystal rhinestone rivets & crystal rivet 1pc bottom die.  (To be used together with the double cap top rivet die.)
    • Crystal rivets have a shorter stem so aren't recommended to hold straps, but they are great for garments and decorative purposes.

VIEW FULL PRESS DISCLOSURES. May have cosmetic blemishes.

Comparison of KAMsnaps® Presses

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent Rivet Setting

This is an excellent rivet die set that gets the job done every time. My rivets look uniform and do their job of providing adequate structure to my bags. I have no regrets in my purchase and have already made additional purchases to make my press even more of an indispensable tool for my handbag making projects.

Love, love, love it!

I’ve been using the old hammer method and finally decided to pull the plug and just get this machine. Only question I have is: “Why did I wait so long?!!”

Peggy McPherson
Great value to bag makers

I have used only four times, but I can already tell it was worth the money I spent. Rivets make bags look so much better and add strength where rivets are used.

Ruth Bass
Love this tool!!

Such great customer service and videos! I love nit straining my hands! As a bag maker, this was worth it!

Becky A.
Perfect press!

I love my table press! It makes setting rivets a snap! Highly recommend!!

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